March 18, 2022

90: Overcoming Adversity And Building A Million Dollar Business with Ellie Diop

90: Overcoming Adversity And Building A Million Dollar Business with Ellie Diop
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In this episode the guy chat with Ellie Diop. Ellie Diop is the Founder of Ellie Talks Money & Ellievated Academy. She is a business strategist, author, and transformational speaker who built a multi-million-dollar business in one short year. She breaks down her journey of hardship & adversity and the steps she took to change her life. Later she gives practical advice for business owners and lessons she learned to create a million dollar business. Tune in. More about our guest: After losing her corporate job during the pandemic, Ellie used her $1,200 stimulus check to build a multi-million dollar online coaching business in one year. Entrepreneurship changed Ellie’s wealth trajectory, and she wants to help other women experience the freedom that starting her business has provided her. She is committed to assisting women to overcome their circumstances to build successful businesses so they can live the life of their dreams.  Ellie has built an online community of close to 350,000 people and educated over 40,000 students through her business coaching and online curriculum.  She is a mother of four who has taught thousands of women how to start their business, build their business credit and scale up using digital marketing strategies.  Ellie leveraged her years of corporate experience in Sales, Marketing, and Leadership Development to start her business after being laid off right before the most recent pandemic.  She has shared her business success story and expertise in front of the U.S. Congress and on many stages throughout the country.  Her success story and advice have been featured in Business Insider, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Newsweek, NextAdvisor, Black Enterprise, Univision, among other publications.  Connect with Ellie: Website: Instagram: Courses: --- Support this podcast: