June 8, 2020

Ep 6: Dear White People

Ep 6: Dear White People
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In this episode, the 30 to Life crew discuss the NFL apologizing for not listening to players about racism and Drew Brees comments about the flag. They open up with a conversation about their professional workplaces and how they responded to the murder of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and protests nationwide. Muki, Brown, and Cooley then talk about things white people should know or stop doing in a little segment called “Dear White People.” They set some things straight. Tune In! Listen to new episodes every Wednesday as the 30 to Life crew discuss everyday millennial life and black culture. 30 to Life is more than a black podcast. It is an experience. Please subscribe and review the podcast. Available on all major podcast platforms. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @30tolifepod https://www.instagram.com/30tolifepod/