Redefining Black Hair & The Keys To Launching An App with Asha Christian

In this 30 to Life podcast episode, we chat with Asha Christian, the CEO of Coily. She discusses her journey of creating her first app in high school to ultimately creating an app dedicated to black women's hair. Later, she breaks down the lessons she learned along the way and what steps you need to take to create a successful app. Tune in. More about our guest:

Asha is very passionate about using technology to solve the problems that effect underrepresented and underserved communities. In 2015, she co-founded Five-0, an internationally acclaimed mobile police rating app, which has been featured in Forbes, CNN, Washington Post, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, the Google Developer Conference, and more.

In 2016, Asha Co-founded STEMGuyana, a non-profit organization that teaches robotics, scratch programming, and app development to youth across the country of Guyana. STEMGuyana has over 60 locations, and has recently been crowned the fastest growing STEM program in the Caribbean.

Now Asha can be found creating technology for black women as the founder and CEO of Coily, a community-driven marketplace that utilizes AI to personalize and enhance the black hair shopping experience. The goal is to create a home for black women to lean into their love of hair over and over again.

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