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Amazing Pod for the People!
These guys are very good at bringing various topics that are important in the black community but aren’t discussed enough... Salute!

Fantastic podcast with amazing guests
I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of some of the amazing individuals you have had on the show. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Great podcast!!
Keep it up guys!!! Keep redefining the black experience! Love it!

Mature, valuable black male perspective
I love the people, the content, the vibes, and the professionalism. Podcast is everything. Great job guys, keep it up!

Awesome Podcast!!!
Great content! Love the show guys! Keep it up!!

Great Variety Of Topics
I just got introduced to the show today and I’ve already listened to 4 episodes!! I love the variation in the topics and hearing the different perspectives on relationships.

Love it
Very good podcast Real topics, real life experiences especially for the black community.

Sooo Relatable!!
These guys are very good at bringing various topics that are important in the black community but aren’t discussed enough... Salute!

New and innovative
These three guys are amazing!!! The topics that they are speaking on are so profound!!! Keep up the good work!!

Dope Conversations
Recently subscribed after listening to Computer Love and I love the fellas chemistry and topics! I agreed so much so much has changed with dating everything is online !! Dope episode ! Love the POV Cortney V -The Barbie Way Podcast

Excellent Content
Great content, the conversation was thought provoking and engaging. I love the concept of identifying how to change out mindset as adults.

Awesome Topics
Great podcast channel ! Can’t wait to hear more episodes

Brilliant show with Brilliant People
The topics that these guys speak on are the topics that the WORLD needs to hear. The show is brought to by three highly intelligent men with profound views. I am looking to hear more. Keep the 30 to life movement going!!

The Podcast to Listen to
I heard an episode and was captivated instantly! These gentleman make it as if I’m there having conversation WITH them! They speak on real life topics and also have me laughing. I enjoy hearing their perspectives, opinions and personal experiences. They’ve gained a lifetime listener! If you’re not tuning in I advise you to do so! Tell a friend to tell a friend. Thank you guys for the content! Love them!

Love the dialog between the guys, voices is always a big issue pleasing to the ears I can drive and listen to them lobe the topics as well !!!

Great Debaters
I thoroughly enjoyed the different perspectives of these men. Shows the versatility in the black family and kills the notion of “all black people are the same”. Great Job!!

Great Podcast
This is a podcast for everyone to listen to especially our young black people..Informative and entertaining.

A new way and fresh way on looking at topics from a different perspective.

Great show
Very brilliant podcast! The chemistry these three have is off the charts!! Muki , Brown, and Cooley...keep doing your thing!!!

Black Excellence
I enjoy hearing from the 3 different perspectives because there isn’t just ONE story to tell. Continue to change the narrative for how black men are perceived! Love that it’s a mix of humor, real issues, stats, and clear takeaways at the end. Keep it up!

Black Boy Joy
I absolutely love hearing POV of the day to day black man. Do I disagree with .005% of what I hear but I RESPECT the conversations! KEEP IT COMING!!!!!

Why We Kneel
Definitely listened to this episode and forgot to leave a review. Loved the banter. Loved the info. Loved the vibe! Keep up the great work and I look forward to more dope and engaging content from you! ✊🏽

I thoroughly enjoy tuning in each week to hear what Brown, Muki and Cooley have to say on their topics of discussion. Even though they each have different views, they all respect each other’s opinions and where they stand. All topics are relatable and it’s great to hear from a male’s perspective especially being a female listener. Great work guys!

Great Discussions
I enjoy the authentic, knowledgeable discussions between the guys. And the topics are so relatable to black millennials. This is a great listen! You’ll learn some things and be entertained. What better combo?!

Nice and New
These guys are great together. The way they flow is incredible. Also the topics that they are hitting on , are incredible because they talk to the listener!! Great job guys..keep it up!

Excellent work
Great work, great content and keep up the good work I’m a fan of the show.

Informative dialogue for the politically savvy
It was great to hear dialogue between knowledgeable 30 something men with varying take on a subject. The interaction between them made you think and want to hear more. Keep informing us and sharing your thoughts on what is going on in the world around us.

An Eye Opener
I enjoy how the men in this podcast not only give their honest opinions about college, but provide useful information that us 30 somethings can actually benefit from! We’re at that age where most of us have kids or are having kids and we need to think about their future and how we as parents will guide them in their education. Looking forward to gleaning more from this podcast!

Awesome Podcast!!!
Keep it up guys!!! You earned a subscriber!

Great Podcast!
I loved the discussion on student loans. It really made me think about college and how I should prepare my children for college. Serious topic with a lot of funny moments. I can’t wait to hear more episodes!!! Love this podcast!!!!!